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How do I Get Into an Outpatient Drug Rehab ?

Encourage Outpatient Drug Rehab
There may be some obstacles encountered when trying to get into an outpatient drug rehab. The biggest challenge rests with addicts who are unwilling to consider alternatives for addiction recovery. Such people need to be encouraged and not forced into looking for help. Getting into outpatient rehab is an important step in getting help for your struggles with addiction. This process can be very difficult and may be overwhelming at times. It is important to evaluate the various treatment options available in each outpatient rehab before you make a choice. Once [more]

Signs That You Need an Addiction Treatment Center

Signs That you Need an Addiction Treatment Center
All addictions require an addiction treatment center, regardless of whether they are substance or behavioral addictions, entail both physical and physiological aspects. Addiction experiences vary significantly from individual to individual, however, addiction normally presents one or more of the following symptoms. These are all signs that you need an addiction treatment center. It is important to note that you may still be suffering from addiction even if you do not experience any of these symptoms. If you are questioning the possibility [more]

Drug Detox Center - What's Normal?

Define Normal Before Entering a Drug Detox Center
Does a fish ask a fisherman what normal is? Does a Labrador compare himself to a hyena?

Comparison can be an ugly exercise. We want to be happy like someone we know without knowing how that person feels on the inside. What we see is only part of their story. By comparing ourselves with others, we get a feel for what normal is, or if we don’t do that, we think normal is what we see in our families and how we feel inside.

What we call normal is also right or acceptable. We think abnormal means wrong or damaged. Sure, maybe we have [more]

Resolve The Past Issues That Still Hurt

Many of us who misuse drugs and alcohol are trying to escape the pain we still feel over past issues. This is why rehab needs to be tied to detoxing. If we detox our bodies without working on those underlying issues, we will find ourselves wanting to drink them away again. Our Miami rehabilitation center only offers detox with comprehensive rehab, so patients will have their best chance at full recovery. Call 1-844-BE-SOBER to get started.
Resolve the Past by Writing a Letter
One woman sought out treatment to help her overcome an eating disorder. With her counselor’s help, she realized [more]

Alcohol is Alcohol. Alcohol Detox

Tequila Makes You Sick and Other Hangover Myths can land you in Alcohol Detox
Our Miami rehabilitation center include Alcohol Detox as part of our fully comprehensive program , clients discover freedom from dependency to drugs and alcohol. They learn the truth about substance abuse and the habits that lead to addiction. One thing clients might learn are the facts about alcohol and hangovers. Here are a few:

1. Tequila makes you sick like nothing else: MYTH.
Some of us may think of tequila as that drink we should avoid if we don’t want a huge hangover the next day, but in fact it [more]

Rehab: It Does Matter?

Finding a good rehab program is essential to your recovery from substance abuse. That is to say, rehab matters. Our Miami rehab clinic is a good choice, if you live in the area, but if you don’t, give us a call so we can help you find one near you (1-844-BE-SOBER).

Detox and Rehab
Detox and rehab go hand-in-hand for those dependent on substance abuse. The purpose of detox is to cleanse our bodies of poisons. The purpose of rehab is to talk through the ideas and choices we made to put those poisons inside us. We may have many things we believe about ourselves, our feelings, our [more]


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