Drug Addiction and New Years Resolutions

 The New Year has arrived – 2014 is a new start, a fresh year, a new beginning and can offer you more than what you hoped for as you work towards a sober life, free from drug addiction.  Your resolution as an active addict tend to fall into the following phrases:

  • “I will never take another Prozac again!”
  • “This year, I choose to never lay hands on heroin so help me God!”
  • “I resolve to put down the needle and admit myself to some sort of addiction treatment program.”

But are these realistic goals and resolutions?  Typically, no; not for an active addict.  Although your intentions are great and you are truly seeking an action plan, there is still a strong need for addiction treatment services to come your way whether you like it or not.  These resolutions are very unrealistic and don’t really do what they are supposed to do, which is “resolve” the issue.  Resolving to never take another Prozac pill again, even though you understand that you are fully addicted to that particular drug without seeking professional help, leaves little to be resolved.  To be quite frank, to be successful in resolving your drug addiction, you must seek to undergo and attend an addiction intervention program.  Aside from the unrealistic goals, this goal is very realistic and reachable.

Try not to overwhelm yourself with making statements as mentioned above.  The word “never” is a very big word and requires some sort of action behind it.  Resolving this year to take action for your drug or alcohol addiction is a big step and one that is taken in the right direction.  According to Narcotics Anonymous, it is suggested that you as an addict resolve this year to not take large leaps and bounds, but rather to take addiction treatment one day at a time.  It takes baby steps, starting at the bottom of the stairs and slowly working your way up.  It’s like the saying, “Rome wasn’t built in a day”, and needless to say, drug addiction wasn’t recovered or resolved in a day or two – you have to work at it diligently.

So don’t take addiction treatment services and addiction to drugs or alcohol lightly.  It is most certainly a process rather than a quick fix.  Drug addiction requires addiction intervention services or addiction recovery programs to further push your resolution in the right direction.  You must first recognize that your addiction is not just a small issue in your life, it is an elephant crushing you and your life into small pieces that just cannot be put back together.  A1 Behavioral Health Services understands this struggle and wants to help you further your New Years resolutions towards a happier and sober life without drug dependence.  You deserve much better than that.  At our facility, we have all of the necessary staff, programs and addiction treatment services tailored to your needs and specific addiction.  Pick up the phone and call us today, we have professional staff waiting to answer your call to put you in the right direction towards a sober 2014 year.

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