Drug Detox Myths

Drug detox is a very useful method for helping an addict come off and remain off of a drug. There are many different types of drug detox and they have all proven to be very effective. However, there have been several myths floating around questioning the effectiveness and credibility of a drug detox program, or just simply detoxing. In this article, we will be discussing the various myths and the answers to whether or not these so called myths are correct or not.
What Is Drug Detox?
To begin, let’s define what a drug detox program is. Detoxing is a way of helping an individual, or patient, come off of a drug or alcohol. With the use of medications and other methods, detox aids in reducing the withdrawal symptoms and clears the body of all toxins associated with the abused substance. Before rehabilitation can be done, these toxins must be released from the body. Once the detox has been performed, a rehabilitation program will become very effective in helping the addict remain sober. Typically, a drug detox is well supervised in a facility and trained medical staff accompanies the addict. Not only is the medical staff there to administer and monitor the detoxing process; they are also there for physical and mental support.
Common Myths Associated with Drug Detox
There are several myths that discredit the drug detox process. These myths include that medication eases or takes withdrawal symptoms away completely. Another myth states that following detox, a rehabilitation program may not be necessary. And one of the most common of drug detox myths is that the detox will completely cure the addiction and that is all the individual will need for total recovery.
Myth #1: Medication Takes Withdrawal […]

Outpatient Rehab Miami

Outpatient Rehab Miami
Outpatient rehabilitation, also known as outpatient rehab, is a method of rehabilitation in which the patient stays home during treatment and travels to the facility or hospital to attend meetings and appointments.  This is significantly different from inpatient rehab because the patients admitted into an inpatient rehab facility are not allowed to leave and must remain in treatment until it is complete.  There are several types of outpatient rehab programs and differ depending upon the addiction or severity of withdrawal symptoms.
Why Outpatient Rehab Miami Services? 
An outpatient rehab program could be considered a step in the right direction when it comes to a recovering substance addict.  Outpatient rehab programs basically indicate that the patient is well enough to live on his or her own without the need for constant medical support or watch.  Although outpatient rehab programs seem to be an uphill climb, the patient must still be aware and apart of the program rules and requirements.  They must travel to where their appointments or meetings are held.

Depending on the severity of the addiction and the associated withdrawal symptoms, the amount of doctor visits or group sessions that the patient will need to attend will vary.  Some are required to attend sessions and appointments every day, while others only go a few times a week.  As the patient progresses and shows signs of goals being met, the doctor or treatment advisor will scale back or release the individual from the treatment program.  This type of rehabilitation requires commitment and work on the part of the patient, as well as those caring for him or her.
Different Outpatient Rehab Treatment Programs 
As mentioned above, there are different types of outpatient rehab programs that a patient and […]

How To Deal With An Alcoholic Parent

How To Deal With An Alcoholic Parent
First and foremost, please know that dealing and living with a parent who happens to have an alcohol problem is not your fault.  You, as the child, did not bring about this problem, nor are you the result or reason why your mom or dad makes the decision that they do.  Alcoholism is a psychological problem that forces your parent’s body to be dependent upon the alcohol.  Your parent will not be able to understand or express why alcohol is affecting their health and relationship with you.


Alcoholism does not target a specific age or person, there are many people that deal with this issue all over the world.  Your family is not the only family that is experiencing such a traumatic thing.  Even those families that you would think have it all together, with the picture perfect home and life can and are still affected by alcoholism all over the United States.


Dealing with an alcoholic parent can be very difficult and hard to do – not to mention, it can break your heart, but there are still ways of overcoming and coping with it until your parent decides to accept treatment for their problem.


Be Understanding – However hard this may be, it is very important to understand the circumstances, why it is happening and understand that the alcoholism is not your fault.  Many alcoholics become or are depressed, that is why they turn to alcohol for temporary relief from their reality.  By using alcohol, your parent is able to escape what is making them sad and depressed, so they are able to forget and lose control of how they act and feel.  Always remember though that the only […]

Reconnecting with Loved Ones After Rehab

Reconnecting with Loved Ones After Rehab
Entering into rehab was difficult for you and your loved ones both emotionally and physically.  Getting through rehab has been probably one of the most awakening and best journeys you have embarked on in your whole life.  Now it is time to leave and get on with a sober life, but how do you go about reconnecting with loved ones and moving on?

Many people have the misconception that upon leaving a rehabilitation facility they are “back to their old selves again” and everything will be back to normal; typically, in reality, this is not the case.  It takes acknowledging your past, understanding where you are now and painting a vision for yourself and others as to where you hope to be after rehab completion.  This probably will include a list of individuals who you hope to make amends with.

Odds are, the majority of those affected by your previous addiction were family members – your spouse, your children, siblings and even your own parents.  You can only begin to think of all the damage that has been made between these individuals and you would most certainly like to settle all ties.  Upon leaving rehab you will be dealing with regrets and resentment, but you will need to prepare yourself to deal with the feelings and hurt that your closest friends and family will express to you.

Here are a few things to remember when you are reconnecting with family upon leaving rehab:


Prepare Your Loved Ones – Begin by getting in touch with everyone.  Send out a note and make it personal.  Ask them if you can speak face to face, or over the phone and make time for the conversation.
Consider Utilizing […]

Build Upon Your Addiction Recovery

Build Upon Your Addiction Recovery
Part of the process of drug addiction recovery is learning how to live a normal life again.  You must adapt to everyday situations and relearn how to interact with people.  All of these things will seem very different once you are sober again.  The most important part is to put your recovery first, before anything else.  Continue to attend meetings and seek out counseling as you enter back into work and school activities.  There are several ways that you as a recovering addict can positively enter back into the real world.  In this post we will take a brief look at some of the different ways to build upon your addiction recovery.


Offer Your Talents – Everyone has a talent, whether you believe it or not.  Some can sing, play the piano or cook very well.  Others might have talents related to serving others.  Any talent that you may possess can be helpful in building upon your addiction recovery.  By helping others, you naturally are helping yourself.  If you are good at singing, why not visit a group home and sing for the elderly people there.  Or if you enjoy serving others, find opportunities to offer your time.  Volunteer at a local food bank, or clean up after church services. After you volunteer and offer your talents to others, you will find that this can become part of your life.  Offering your talents is one great way to build upon your addiction recovery.
Learn Something New – This point goes along with offering your talents, in a way.  There are many ways that you can build upon your recovery and find proper healing through learning something new.  Maybe you have always wanted […]

How to Help a Drug Addict

How To Help a Drug Addict
Recovering, or simply stopping, from a drug addiction is much more than conquering it with will power or going cold turkey; the process is much more complex than that.  In order to fully help a drug addict, you must fully understand the addiction and how it is related to chronic brain disorders and the battle associated with fighting through withdrawals.

There are several steps for knowing how to help a drug addict understand and come to terms with their addiction.  Below are some helpful tips for you to consider:
Understand the Signs and Symptoms of Drug Addiction

Those who are experiencing drug dependency tend to have radical changes in their personality and characteristics.  These changes are a very common sign of what type of addiction the addict may have – alcoholism, prescription drug dependency and opiate abuse.
Make sure to check for needle marks on the arms, which are associated with opiate abuse, or other injectable drugs.
Extreme thirst and sweaty – typical of opiate users
Small pupils
Alcoholics tend to smell of alcohol and may show signs of irritability, glassy eyes, inability to comprehend, slurred speech and clumsiness.
Consider Some Sort of Intervention

An intervention is a great way to help an addict come out about their issues and express their needs as a substance abuser.  It may include loved ones, colleagues and other appropriate people who will love and embrace the individual.  Here you can offer the addict treatment options and formulate a plan while expressing your support and love for him or her.

Seek Out Rehabilitation Programs

Begin by researching all of the rehabilitation clinics available and what services that they offer.  Be sure to call and ask questions about their schedules, programs and any specifics that […]