The Link Between Depression and Alcohol

Clinical depression affects over 20 million Americans per year, which is far too many. Many people tend to deal with depression by drinking alcohol. They begin drinking thinking that it is fun because of the initial high that they get, but after time they begin drinking more and more to acquire that high as tolerance builds. What they may not realize is that alcohol is not a stimulant but a depressant.

Drinking is a poor way to cope with depression, as it tends to make people sink lower and lower into the dreaded darkness. They want to climb out, but drinking is certainly not going to help them. It can also lead to people getting drunk and doing things that make them feel even worse, sometimes even getting into legal trouble. I’m sure many prisoners will tell you had they not been drunk, they would probably not have committed the crime that they did.

Statistics report that about 40 percent of people who drink a lot of alcohol over a period of time have depressive symptoms. On the other hand, when these same people stop drinking only 5 percent of men and 10 percent of women meet the criteria to be diagnosed as depressed.

Drinking alcohol does not always cause depression, but when it is used to cope with life, it can easily become a crutch that is difficult to let go of. When one begins coping with stress by drinking, his/her tolerance increases, which results in more drinking to get the desired effect, which can cause mental, emotional, and health problems. Effects of drinking vary, but can include aggressive behavior, loss of inhibition, severe depression, suicidal thoughts, suicide, loss of work, […]

10 Red Flags of Alcoholism

Not everyone who drinks is an alcoholic, but there are plenty of alcoholics who have no idea that they are struggling with the disease. The thought might cross their minds once in a while, but they shrug it off and go about their lives. Alcoholism affects millions of people in various ways. The disease is progressive and can take a normally happy individual and turn them into a miserable, lonely, angry person.

If you’re wondering if you are struggling with alcoholism or if you think a loved one is, here are 10 red flags when it comes to the disease:

You think about drinking a lot and tend to drink much more than you used to. You begin to base your life around alcohol, parties, etc.
When you get angry, stressed out, fearful, etc., you reach for a drink to try to cope with the negative emotion. Even though you think the alcohol will make you feel better, you end up feeling worse.
When confronted about how much or often you drink, you become angry and defensive.
You begin hiding alcohol and lying about home much or how often you drink.
You promise yourself and others that you will not drink anymore. You assure them that you are done, yet you find yourself drinking again despite negative consequences.
Your drinking gets you into trouble with the law, such as committing a crime while intoxicated, getting DWI, assaulting someone, etc.
Your relationship or marriage is suffering because of your drinking. Your partner comes to you concerned and you shrug it off or become defensive or angry.
You crave alcohol immensely when you try to stop drinking. You may even have some withdrawal symptoms like sweating, anxiousness, nausea, and more.
You do your best to just […]

Major Causes of Alcohol and Drug Addiction Among The Youth

There are numerous reasons why young people use drugs. Past studies in the field of substance abuse consistently show that young people use drugs as a way of “having fun”. Recent studies, however, have shown that many teens take drugs to solve problems. This is imperative for parents to understand because they often underestimate the impact of stress on their loved ones. By appreciating and understanding what motivates them, you can possibly step in and help them find effective ways to deal with their problems.
Top causes of substance abuse
Low self-esteem
A 2007 PATS Teens study reported that 65 percent of young people use drugs to “feel cool”. It is a well-documented fact that young people’s self-worth depends, almost entirely, on the approval of their peers. Desire for social acceptance can also drive teens to do things that may harm their lives, including abusing drugs. The same study also revealed that teens use drugs to “feel better about themselves”. Other studies have also shown that teens with low self-esteem are likely to seek acceptance from the wrong groups, including those that abuse drugs.
Partnership for a Drug-Free America, in their recent study, reported that the number one reason why teens use drugs is to deal with problems, pressures, and stress of school. Surprisingly, only 7 percent of American parents believe that teens can use drugs to solve problems. The truth is that more than 70 percent of young people who use drugs use them to escape reality. Maybe they are not doing well in school or maybe they feel that they are not appreciated by their teachers.
Studies have shown again and again that teens are widely misinformed about the dangers of substance […]

Alcohol Rehab Treatment Tips

If you’ve been struggling with addiction to alcohol and are planning on attending a rehab center, there are some valuable tips you can learn before you go in order to get the most out of your stay. The decision to attend rehab is one of the best decisions of your life, as you can not only stop abusing alcohol but learn valuable life tips so you can life a happy and free life.
Be patient
If you’ve ever heard the phrase, “Rome wasn’t built in a day”, you’ll understand this concept. As you stop drinking and go through rehab, you will certainly experience some changes, but you most likely will not become a superhero by the end of your stay. Once you remove alcohol from your life, there are still issues to work on when it comes to your emotions, past behaviors, tackling triggers, and so on. Rehab is the beginning of a lifelong journey of personal and spiritual growth, so be patient when it comes to your goals, as change will certainly come, but it requires an investment of time and energy.
Allow others in for support
While you are at rehab treatment, you will be surrounded by professional staff and other men and women who are in your shoes getting sober and learning how to live life that way. There are some people that put a wall up in rehab and won’t let anyone get close to them, but it will serve you well to let your walls fall and allow others in for support. The other recovering alcoholics are going through much of the same things that you are, so to offer support to each other can be quite helpful. You will also receive individual […]

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Drug and Alcohol Abuse: Counseling

As discussed in previous postings, there are many different effective methods for approaching drug and alcohol abuse and rehabilitation. One of the most highly revered and useful approaches is that of counseling. Counseling offers the individual a resource to open up to about their journey in and out of addiction and aids in releasing emotional stresses associated with rehabilitation. In this article we will discuss counseling in it’s entirety and how it relates to drug and alcohol abuse.
The Importance of Drug and Alcohol Abuse Counselors
In the drug rehab center setting, counselors play a very vital and crucial role. Trained and skilled counselors help treat and guide the addicted individual on different therapies and physical and emotional exercises that help train the brain to drop the addiction need and move past the withdrawal symptoms. Additionally, drug and alcohol abuse counselors help to change the patient’s daily routine by offering different methods and ideas to keep the person busy and moving toward his or her goals.

Counselors and nurses are different in the rehab center because they both play different roles, however they are still supporting the addict. As in the case of the counselor, he or she is primarily there to guide and direct the patient in a psychological sense, rather than a medicated or detoxing sense. The counselor is there for the patient to talk to, confide in and work through emotional stresses and issues.
The Different Types of Drug and Alcohol Abuse Counseling/Therapy
Group Therapy
One of the most seemingly and proven to be effective therapies and counseling is that of group therapy. The goal of group therapy is to meet with other like-minded people who have underwent the same issues as the addict. These people are […]

How To Avoid Drug Interactions — Reading

How To Avoid Drug Interactions
Whenever two or more drugs or medications are used or taken at the same time, the risk of drug interactions is very possible.  The key is to understand what the risks are and how they can be avoided.  In this particular article, we will be discussing some of the typical drug interaction problems and how you can prevent such a risk from happening to you.
Drug Interactions: When Taken With Food and Beverages 
It is usually advised that many medications be taken with or after a meal.  However, it is very important that you understand how the body is affected by taking a drug with certain foods and drinks.  The risk of drug interactions with food may result in the delay in the body absorbing just what the medication is being used for and prohibits the medication from working properly.  Some examples of some foods and beverages that you should avoid when taking your medications include the following:

Alcohol – This is almost a given, but many people still choose to take their medications with or after they have consumed a considerable amount of alcohol.  The risk in taking a medication or drug with alcohol is that it can increase or decrease the side effects that your body will experience.  For example, if a medication side effect is an increase in blood pressure, then the alcohol that you consume could considerably increase your blood pressure two times more than that of the substance.  Avoid alcohol all together if you are on a prescription medication.
Chocolate – You would not think that consuming chocolate would cause drug interactions, but it is true.  One certain medication in particular is that of MAO inhibitors, such as Ritalin […]