How do I Get Into an Outpatient Drug Rehab ?

Encourage Outpatient Drug Rehab
There may be some obstacles encountered when trying to get into an outpatient drug rehab. The biggest challenge rests with addicts who are unwilling to consider alternatives for addiction recovery. Such people need to be encouraged and not forced into looking for help. Getting into outpatient rehab is an important step in getting help for your struggles with addiction. This process can be very difficult and may be overwhelming at times. It is important to evaluate the various treatment options available in each outpatient rehab before you make a choice. Once you have chosen a drug rehab, you should make a call or visit in person to ascertain if it meets your requirements. Each and every program is different. The outpatient drug rehab you choose should bring you up to speed with their requirements for checking in.
Addiction is a Brain Disease
The disease model of addiction views addiction as a brain disease. It says that addiction is characterized by an altered brain structure and functioning. These changes in the brain causes individuals with this disease to get addicted to activities or substances. Once they are exposed to these substances, addiction is irreversible once it sets in. In an outpatient drug rehab center, addicts are assisted to develop and maintain total abstinence from the substances or activities that caused the addiction.
Get Support from Peers
Addicts also get group support from peers in a rehab, as studies have proven that peer support is very beneficial in ensuring a full recovery from any disease. In an outpatient drug rehab, addicts get the opportunity to share their personal experiences regarding the disease and the recovery. This is done in groups such as the Alcoholics Anonymous. Addicts share their […]

Signs That You Need an Addiction Treatment Center

Signs That you Need an Addiction Treatment Center
All addictions require an addiction treatment center, regardless of whether they are substance or behavioral addictions, entail both physical and physiological aspects. Addiction experiences vary significantly from individual to individual, however, addiction normally presents one or more of the following symptoms. These are all signs that you need an addiction treatment center. It is important to note that you may still be suffering from addiction even if you do not experience any of these symptoms. If you are questioning the possibility that you may have an addiction, many times that is a sign that you are indeed an addict.
The most common signs that you are an addict include:
1. Behavioral change. As your addiction grows bigger, your life is bound to get smaller. You may begin to lose interest in the things you previously valued. Once you start experiencing depression, you may stop doing your hobbies or the things you loved all together. Your mood may also become erratic.

2. Change in friends and associates. It is a normal thing that friendships fade away and new people may come into our lives. However, when you feel repulsed by your normal clique even without any occurrence provoking the change in behavior, it may be time to closely examine your habits.

3. Occupational problems. When your addiction grips you, it is inevitable that some issues may arise in school or at the workplace. As time goes by, it will become quite difficult to hide performance issues in some areas of your life, especially those that are keenly observed by people around you. A slump in your academic performance can also be an indicator of addiction.

4. Lack of control. Persistent need or unsuccessful attempts […]

Drug Detox Center – What’s Normal?

Define Normal Before Entering a Drug Detox Center
Does a fish ask a fisherman what normal is? Does a Labrador compare himself to a hyena?

Comparison can be an ugly exercise. We want to be happy like someone we know without knowing how that person feels on the inside. What we see is only part of their story. By comparing ourselves with others, we get a feel for what normal is, or if we don’t do that, we think normal is what we see in our families and how we feel inside.

What we call normal is also right or acceptable. We think abnormal means wrong or damaged. Sure, maybe we have some problems, but if they are all normal problems for anyone to have, then we feel okay about ourselves and may blame others for overreacting. It is normal to enter a Drug Detox Center.
Change Is Normal, Right?
One way some of us have chosen to cope with big changes is drug use. A Drug Detox Center such as A1 Behavioral Health can help you evaluate. If we come from a family where our father drank over his problems, we may fall into that pattern too. It could feel normal to us, even if we don’t like it. Maybe a friend is offering to give us something to help us feel better, but is using a street drug ever a good idea?

This is one of the ways good counseling can help us see our problems and ourselves in a new light. A counselor in a drug detox center can help us ask new questions, like, “Is there ever a good use for our pain? Could bad feelings tell us something we should know?”

When we touch a hot […]

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Resolve The Past Issues That Still Hurt

Many of us who misuse drugs and alcohol are trying to escape the pain we still feel over past issues. This is why rehab needs to be tied to detoxing. If we detox our bodies without working on those underlying issues, we will find ourselves wanting to drink them away again. Our Miami rehabilitation center only offers detox with comprehensive rehab, so patients will have their best chance at full recovery. Call 1-844-BE-SOBER to get started.
Resolve the Past by Writing a Letter
One woman sought out treatment to help her overcome an eating disorder. With her counselor’s help, she realized she believed bad ideas given to her by her mother about her body image and how women should eat. If her mother had still been alive, she might have talked to her about it, but in many cases, that is too difficult for the one recovering. It would have been for this woman too. Instead, she wrote a letter to her mother, explaining everything.

She wrote, “I have been seeing a counselor lately. She’s opening new doors for me, and I think I’m finally beginning to hope for a healthy life.

“I realize now you taught me some very bad ideas. I’m not accusing you or trying to excuse myself. I am stating the facts as I see them. You taught me I was fat no matter what my weight was. I learned I could never be thin enough to be normal. Many times at meals, I felt your disapproval at the amount of food on my plate. Over and over again, you told me I could always lose a few pounds. Sometimes you sighed and mumbled it while frowning at my clothes.

“I don’t blame you, Mother. […]

Alcohol is Alcohol. Alcohol Detox

Tequila Makes You Sick and Other Hangover Myths can land you in Alcohol Detox
Our Miami rehabilitation center include Alcohol Detox as part of our fully comprehensive program , clients discover freedom from dependency to drugs and alcohol. They learn the truth about substance abuse and the habits that lead to addiction. One thing clients might learn are the facts about alcohol and hangovers. Here are a few:

1. Tequila makes you sick like nothing else: MYTH.
Some of us may think of tequila as that drink we should avoid if we don’t want a huge hangover the next day, but in fact it will not intoxicate us more than any other liquor. Tequila has a reputation as a party drink, so we may think of it in the context of drinking too much, which is where the hangovers come in.
2. Sweet drinks and cheap drinks give you hangovers more than expensive, dry drinks: MYTH.
Alcohol is the same whether it’s in sugary drinks, cheap whiskeys, or expensive wines. Maybe sweet martinis go down easier, but the alcoholic content is the reason we have a hangover the next day.
3. Burnt toast or Mexican sausage will clear up a hangover: MYTH.
Ethanol has carbon in its molecule. Matching that with the carbon from burnt toast makes this a potential hangover solver, if it actually worked. The alcohol has already run through our systems by the time our heads are pounding, so eating burnt toast while drinking may help ward off a hangover by combining with the ethanol. A better preventer is the Mexican sausage or other greasy foods. Lining our stomachs with grease works against our bodies’ assimilation of the alcohol, the equivalent of drinking the same amount over a much longer period […]

Rehab: It Does Matter?

Finding a good rehab program is essential to your recovery from substance abuse. That is to say, rehab matters. Our Miami rehab clinic is a good choice, if you live in the area, but if you don’t, give us a call so we can help you find one near you (1-844-BE-SOBER).

Detox and Rehab
Detox and rehab go hand-in-hand for those dependent on substance abuse. The purpose of detox is to cleanse our bodies of poisons. The purpose of rehab is to talk through the ideas and choices we made to put those poisons inside us. We may have many things we believe about ourselves, our feelings, our strengths and weaknesses, and the way things work which should be talked over with a mental health professional. An addiction-free mindset will help us stay drug-free after recovery.
We can see one kind of talking through the issues in a 12 Step program, which is a good choice while you are still in rehab. Look at these last two steps taken from the statements used by Narcotics Anonymous:
11. We sought through prayer and meditation to improve our conscious contact with God as we understood Him, praying only for knowledge of His will for us and the power to carry that out.
12. Having had a spiritual awakening as a result of these steps, we tried to carry this message to addicts, and to practice these principles in all our affairs.
After working through the process of recognizing our addiction for what it is and surrendering to God as we understand him, making amends for the damages we have caused and seeking forgiveness where possible, NA encourages us to continue seeking God for support, guidance, and what we need to live addiction […]