Alcohol Addiction: An Overview

Alcohol Addiction all starts from the product — Beer, wine and liquor are the three types of beverages that we refer to as alcohol. Alcohol, including these three sub-types, includes ethanol, a psychoactive drug known to have a depressant effect on individuals who choose to use and abuse it. This “drug”, however, is legal in the United States if the user is of at least 21 years of age. Alcohol is used primarily to promote social interaction, but can lead to more serious addictive behaviors. Those who become addicted to alcohol are considered to be “alcoholics” and have the “alcoholism disease”. In this article, we will be discussing alcohol in its entirety as an overview. If you or a loved one are experiencing addiction to alcohol, then please feel free to contact our office to speak with trained and medical staff. A1 Behavioral Health Center is here to guide you to a healthier, happier and sober life without alcohol use.

Nicknames for Alcohol as it relates to Alcohol Addiction

rehab alcoholThere are many ways of referring to alcohol. It is advised that you know and understand these names or phrases to better pinpoint if a loved one or child is using and abusing this substance. Below is a list of some of the nicknames for alcohol:

  • Booze
  • Cold One
  • Brewski
  • Giggle Juice
  • Hard Stuff
  • Poison
  • Brew
  • Alky
  • Sauce

Facts About Alcohol Addiction

In the United States, alcohol is the most commonly used drug and one of the most addictive. There are nearly 18 million individuals who suffer from alcohol abuse and depend on it every day just to “make it through”. Additionally, there are many who drink alcohol in a risky fashion, which has led to many deaths and accidents over the years. This risky behavior may include binge drinking, drinking and driving and “black out” states from becoming too intoxicated.

According to the National Council on Alcohol Addiction and Drug Dependence, more than half of all adults in the United States have a family history of alcoholism. What is even more frightening is that more than 7 million young children live in a home in which at least one parent suffers from alcoholism. These statistics are astounding and continue to grow as the years pass. A1 Behavioral serves the local Miami, West Palm Beach (WPB),  and surrounding areas for its alcohol detox and drug rehab needs.

Side Effects of Alcohol Addiction and overall Abuse

After an extended period of time, alcohol addiction abuse can lead to many unwanted health problems in the individual who continues to use it. Many, if not all of the diseases and issues cannot be reversed and become permanent damage to the body. The following is a comprehensive list of the side effects associated with alcohol abuse:

  • Alcoholism aka Alcohol Addiction – this is a typical side effect of using alcohol. Many individuals become dependent upon the ethanol to “feel better” about their situations.
  • Liver Diseases – These diseases may include fatty liver, hepatitis and cirrhosis of the liver
  • Injuries that were never intended in the first place – Many individuals who abuse alcohol find themselves in situations, which can cause their life, or others involved. Such injuries can be a result of drunk driving accidents, falls, drowning, firearm injuries and more.
  • Heart Problems – These problems may include atrial fibrillation, hypertension, myocardial infarction and increased heart rates. Additionally, many individuals who suffer from alcoholism tend to have increased blood pressure as well.
  • Stroke
  • Anger Issues
  • And even Death

Final Thoughts on Alcohol Addiction

Alcoholism aka Alcohol Addiction is a rising issue in the United States; many believe it to be linked to the economic downfall that our country has experienced over the past year. Whatever the studies suggest, individuals choose to use and abuse this substance for varying reasons – death of loved one, to socialize on a regular basis, work related stresses, etc. Those who have developed alcoholism are advised to seek out medical and professional help to relieve them of their problem. Avoiding alcohol in excess is key to remaining sober.


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