The A1 Behavioral Difference


At A1 Behavioral  we believe that a well-coordinated comprehensive program that combines outpatient detox/rehab and intensive outpatient treatment is as effective as inpatient care. Detoxification and rehabilitation is a less confining environment that allows for continuity of care by the referring physician. We work closely with your doctor and will keep them abreast of your progress every step of the way.


What Makes A1 Behavioral Better:

Intensive Treatment - up to 15 hours per week in the initial phase — far more than the typical outpatient program.

Comprehensive Staffing – all care at A1 Behavioral Health is clinically supervised and most groups are co-led by clinicians with graduate degrees and certified chemical dependency counselors.

Continuity of Care – a unified staff that follows you through all three phases of treatment. We work closely with your referring physician to provide continuity to your care.


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