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Drug Alcohol Rehab, at A1 Behavioral Health is your premier choice for custom tailored, individualized programs that fit your schedule. Call us, get clean from home, and have a full time drug addiction support line or ask about our inpatient options. Specializing in Opiate Detox, Alcohol Detox, alongside all aspects of the recovery process.

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Outpatient Detox Services – In Patient Detox Services- Relapse Prevention Groups Day/Night Treatment Program
Parental & Family Support Groups Intensive In/Outpatient Program Individual, Couples & Family Counseling
Clinical Evaluations & Drug Screening DUI & Addiction Awareness Programs Housing/Placement Services
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A1 Behavioral Health: Your Miami Rehabilitation Center

A fully comprehensive Drug Rehab Program. Drug Rehab.

Conveniently located near you. A1 Behavioral Health, Drug Rehab, in/outpatient alcohol and drug rehab clinics offer comprehensive and individualized treatment that accommodates our clients’ work and family schedules. Our caring professionals will help you or a loved one break free of alcohol and drug addiction through our intensive programs:

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Our Treatment Process

Drug Alcochol Rehab at A1 Behavioral Health www.a1behavioral.com is truly State-of-the-Art.

We don’t believe one size fits all.  We approach every new patient by first evaluating the severity of their alcohol or drug abuse problem. Then we offer a comprehensive, customized treatment program that begins with detoxification and rehabilitation.

Our treatment schedule usually begins at five weekly three-hour sessions, tapering off as progress is made. We only offer detox and rehab together in both an out patient and in patient setting. Detox without adequate rehab usually sends a patient back to the unhealthy lifestyle that got him in trouble to begin with.

After this phase, we offer many options for supporting our clients’ sobriety for as long as they need our help.

S.U.R.E. Program for Impaired Professionals Searching for Drug Alcohol Rehab

We offer therapy services for impaired professionals, such as CPAs, attorneys, physicians, licensed nurses, dentists, physical therapists, and pharmacists (and young adults too). We call it S.U.R.E. (Substance Use Recovery and Education). Ask us about it.

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